Sadie the Labradoodle is going to be a Mommy!

25 Mar

Sadie’s puppies are due to arrive April 12, 2012.The puppies will be ready to go to their new homes when they are eight weeks old, so if they arrive on schedule, they will be ready for you to take home the weekend of June 9-10, 2012. However, we’re told that Labradoodles often deliver their first litter as much as a week early, so they might be ready for their new families the weekend prior. Watch this blog for progress – we are going to photo-document their birth and development for you!

Below are photos of Sadie and of the puppies’ Dad, Snowy River, of Bad Company’s Labradoodles in Pennsylvania. Sadie (full name: Sad-eyed Lady of the Lowlands) and Snowy River are both multi-gen Labradoodles. That means they are a least two generations away from being Labrador Retrievers or Standard Poodles. (A Labradoodle is a cross between Labrador Retriever and Standard Poodle, a wonderful mix for loyalty, intelligence and gentleness.) Being multi-gen means that they absolutely do not shed, and that their traits will remain consistent.

We are taking orders for Sadie and Snowy’s puppies now, in the order in which we receive them, but will not accept deposits until after the puppies are born. We will basically be following the same procedure, in terms of puppy care and certification, as our breeder, Tina Reneer of Bad Company’s Labradoodles, so see her website, to the right, for more information. However, we will take deposits and payment directly, not through Tina, so call us for more information and to get on the waiting list.


Snowy River


One Response to “Sadie the Labradoodle is going to be a Mommy!”

  1. LINDA Sheehan April 6, 2012 at 12:47 am #

    Good luck Diana!!! My Lisbeth would not be happy with a puppy in the house!!! Hugs. Linda

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