Growing and Growing!

16 Apr

A quick update on the puppy progress: everyone is growing and seems in good health. Leroy Brown gained five ounces, and now weighs a little over 24 ounces – a pound and a half! Cher gained six ounces in the last two days, and now weighs 22 ounces. Madonna, who outweighed Cher by an ounce at birth, gained five ounces and now weighs exactly the same as Cher. Elvis gained four ounces and is up to 23 ounces; Clapton, three ounces, putting him at 22.5; Elton, who started out as the largest boy, only gained three ounces and is now 22; Mick gained five ounces and is now a nice hefty 24 ounces! Bruce, another smaller boy, gained four ounces and is up to 22. We think Sadie is feeding them selectively, trying to even out their weights, but we may be imagining this because we think she is wonder woman for producing and taking such good care of all these amazing puppies. She is eating voraciously herself, and devoured four cans of special high-protein dog food today as well as an egg, a bit of vanilla ice cream, a Greenie, and ALL the leftover lamb roast we had for dinner! We plan to post more photos of everybody on their one-week birthday Tuesday!


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