Two weeks old and growing like crazy!

24 Apr

Almost two weeks now, and the puppies are growing like mad. They still mostly sleep and eat, but their eyes have opened almost all the way (although they obviously still can’t focus or really see much but light and dark, and in fact I’ve noticed that it still doesn’t disturb them when I turn on the bathroom light.) But the really exciting thing is that they have been standing up for brief moments, and are now trying to walk! Check out this short video Jess took of them last night:

Here are some photos of the little guys growing, too. I particularly like the one showing Sadie nursing, because you can see how much the pups have grown – they are as long as her legs now when they’re stretched out! They are getting so big that it is quite a challenge for her to keep them filled up! She seems to be coping by nursing them for shorter periods at a time but with shorter periods in between. (She naps a lot!) Both of us will be very happy when they are old enough to start eating a bit of solid food, and sleeping for longer stretches. This will happen next week, when they start getting teeth. In the meanwhile, we are going to try on Thursday to start teaching them to lap up a bit of Esbilac and take a drink of water on their own. In the meanwhile, I will post more tomorrow about getting ready for you new puppy!


One Response to “Two weeks old and growing like crazy!”

  1. Charles April 24, 2012 at 12:17 pm #

    Awesome! Thanks for the update!

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