Growing pups!

25 Apr

Check out this very cool graph Jess made of Sadies’ puppies’ growth curve since birth! I got worrying last night about whether they were getting enough to eat, because Sadie is not a huge dog, and when I did the math about the weight of the puppies versus her weight, I realized that she is expected to feed (and grow!) about twenty pounds worth of puppies (8 puppies x 2.5 pounds average per puppy) with her 40+ pound body – that would be the equivalent of me trying to feed a sixty-pound baby enough for it to grow a pound a week! Our breeder and vet assure me that dogs are built and grow very differently than humans (thank goodness!) but still! So, this morning, on their 2-week birthday, we weighed them all again and I put together a simple growth chart, which Jess cleverly converted to the graph above. This shows that Leroy has grown from 16 ounces to 46 ounces in just two weeks, for a total growth of 30 ounces; Cher has gone from 12 to 41 ounces, growing 29 ounces in two weeks; Madonna, starting at 13 ounces, is now 40 ounces, adding 27 ounces since birth; Elvis has grown from a birth weight of 15 ounces to 47 ounces, adding 32 ounces; Clapton has gone from 14 to 43 ounces, adding 29 ounces; Elton, from 15 to 46, adding 31 ounces; Mick, from 15 to 48, adding 33 ounces; and Bruce has shot up from 15 ounces at birth to 43 ounces at two weeks, adding 28 ounces! We think this is pretty incredible, and are naming Sadie “Supermom of the Year!” (Right now she’s too tired to come up on stage, but she’s about to eat some more liver, and then we’re sure she’ll be bouncing right up to accept her award – Doodles DO just LOVE praise!)


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