Sadie’s Puppies Walking, April 27, 2012

28 Apr

Check out this video from last night of Sadie’s puppies learning to walk:

We are placing bets on who will be the first to get out of the whelping crate on his or her own. My money is on Elton, who seems most curious about the outside world. This morning he was sitting (yes, they have also learned to SIT, but not on command, of course!) under the opening that Sadie goes in and out of, trying to poke his little nose over the edge; when one of his litter mates crawled toward him, he climbed on top of him to position himself better to see over the side and be able to climb out. Fortunately for us, the litter mate didn’t stay put, and Elton tumbled off! But we are keeping a close watch to see who is first, and hopefully we will be there with the camera to catch the moment. If it happens while we aren’t watching, I’m sure Sadie will let us know: she watches them like a hawk, and when she isn’t with them, she is lying at the bathroom door keeping watch. She also has all the neighborhood dogs quite intimidated – they are beginning to cross the street if they see her out front! I hope she regains her friendly demeanor once the puppies are grown up and out of the house!


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