Puppies are 3 Weeks Old!

2 May

The puppies had their three-week birthday yesterday, and we got some great pictures of them!

Because they can get out of the whelping crate on their own now – and seem very inclined to do so! – we have expanded their little universe to include the rest of our spacious tiled bathroom. Today I put puppy pads down all over the bathroom, and after their mid-morning nursing, let them walk around and explore. Two of them peed outside the box (which is my goal), and they all seemed to enjoy practicing walking in a less-confined space, and exploring – Cher was trying to eat the shower curtain, and Madonna was very interested in the scale we use to weigh them – and now all are contently sleeping in various positions, outside the box, around the bathroom. Since they all now weigh close to or over four pounds, they produce quite a lot more pee, and the padding in the crate gets soaked quickly, so we are trying to catch them in the act, so to speak, and let them pee on the puppy pads. If we succeed in our goal, they should all be more or less pad-trained by the time they are ready to go home. It requires close watching, though – which is fun, because they are so cute! We also introduced them to formula yesterday, and are trying to teach them to lap it from a saucer. So far, they are better at stepping in it and tracking it all over the puppy pads and bathroom floor! Again, since they getting so large, they need supplemental feeding.

Tomorrow I PROMISE we’ll blog about toys, and I think Jess is going to make another neat graph illustrating the weight gain from week two to week three!


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