Phase 2 of Puppy Project!

7 May

This weekend, we dismantled the whelping box and removed it, to give the growing puppies more space to run around and play. Now they can run (yes, they’ve learned to run!) from one end of the bathroom to the other, and spend their time holding foot races and wrestling. Here is one of the cream boys, in a moment of relaxation!

May 6, 2012, one of the cream boys

Notice how much their ears have grown!

We also dragged Sadie’s old crate up from the basement and dusted it off and put it in the bathroom, with some soft towels on the bottom, so they could have a place to relax and hide if they want to. A couple of the puppies have shown a penchant for seeking out hiding spots – behind the bathroom door is a popular space – when they want to rest. Now they go into the crate instead. We thought it would be a good idea to get them accustomed to the crate (which I will photograph and post), for those who are planning to use crate-training. We also put the puppy-sized soft-sided travel crate which we used to take Sadie to Miami two years ago for Robert’s graduation from architecture school, in the bathroom, but so far nobody has shown much interest in it.

We have designated a section of the bathroom (which is fortunately nice and spacious) as the ‘toilet’ area, with 3 or 4 puppy pads, and whenever we see them beginning to pee or poop, whisk them over to the pad. Most of them, after only two days, do their ‘poops’ there, but they don’t have sufficient control of their bladders yet, and usually just go wherever they are when they wake up. Sadie helps me quickly clean up the pee and then I deodorize the floor. Eventually they will get it, and the bathroom always smells clean and fresh.

Well – almost always! Right now, Bob is feeding them a midday meal of their new treat: solid food, and that is a bit smelly – and also messy, as you can imagine. We decided over the weekend to try them on the Royal Canin “starter mousse for mother and babydogs,” which we’ve been feeding Sadie. They are doing so well with it that we may skip the grinding up dry food and mixing it with powdered Esbilac that our breeder recommended. However, this method may get expensive: they’re gobbled down 3 cans so far today, and Sadie eats several cans a day herself. Right now, I need to go clean the bathroom floor! Here is one more photo, of most of them in a ‘puppy puddle, last evening after dinner. This evening we are going to weigh them for the first time in a week (if they will fit in our kitchen scale, which only goes up to five pounds), and try to post the new weights and some more photos tomorrow.

A Well-fed Puppy Puddle!


2 Responses to “Phase 2 of Puppy Project!”

  1. Lynne May 9, 2012 at 12:04 am #

    I don’t know how any one could be left! They are just adorable! My little fellow would hate the competition and how could you not cuddle them and goo all over them.

    • sadieslabradoodles May 9, 2012 at 1:53 am #

      It’s true, Lynne – I did not expect to fall so hopelessly in love with each and every one of them! I know they are going to make their new owners very happy, and that is the only way I will be able to bear parting with them!

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