Whirlwind Week

13 May

The puppies are well on their way to being weaned and partially potty-trained, after an exhausting week! They are very smart and very active. They now watch me – and other humans – closely, as well as playing with each other a lot more. I swear that one of them, when he needed to poop, was trying to jump up onto the toilet, where he had seen me throw the poop I had picked up a minute earlier. (I keep the lid down!) It has been amazing to watch them becoming more aware of each other and of the humans in their lives each day – in fact, each hour! Sadie watches them with fascination, and seems to be enjoying them more now that she’s getting breaks from them and doesn’t have total responsibility for feeding them. Here are some photos I just took of them napping. I have to hurry, as they are stretching and yawning, and it will be time to feed them any minute now! We are feeding them solid food (both canned and kibble) four times a day, and Sadie still nurses them on demand. We try to let her nurse as much as she needs/wants, and then supplement her milk with solid food, but after they turn five weeks (Tuesday), we will reverse that to accelerate the weaning process. They are “supposed” to be weaned by six weeks, but we are not going to be rigid about it! One of my children weaned himself at nine months; the other not until the age of two and a half! We will, of course, make sure that they are weaned before they go to their new homes. We do not want Sadie to have to make visits to nurse them daily, although that might be an interesting way to help the separation process!


Clapton (black collar), Mick (pink collar), and Leroy (aqua collar)


Elton (blue collar)


Madonna (green collar)


Bruce (purple collar)

Here are some photos I took earlier this week:


Clapton looking pensive (his normal mien)


Elton discovering a new teething toy!


Their coats are changing daily, becoming wavier/curlier – except Bruce, the last-born, who is also the smallest and the least assertive, at least at this point. We are giving him extra attention and making extra-sure that he gets enough food. He is very active and curious, just not as assertive about – or interested in – food. (Bob relates to him – Bob would forget to eat if someone didn’t remind him!)


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