Finally: Individual Shots of Almost All the Pups!

15 May

Took these today with my cell phone, so they aren’t very good. Also, it is VERY HARD to get puppies to hold still for photographs! These aren’t in any particular order, and ‘Cher’ is missing, as she’s been spoken for.








“Elvis” is going to go live with Charles & Leslie in West Philadelphia!


“Leroy Brown” is going to go live with Robert & Jessica!


“Madonna” is going to go live with Sarah in Philadelphia!



I don’t know if you can tell from my very fuzzy shots, but all of them but Bruce (the last-born) are really beginning to get curly and/or wavy. They’ve begun doing this in just the last couple of days – it is quite amazing to watch! It is also amazing to see how much and how quickly they grow,  perceptibly from day to day. They are becoming accustomed to all sorts of sounds ~ an ambulance just went by the apartment, and they weren’t even fazed! They are also getting antsy to get out of the once-spacious but now too-confining bathroom and explore the rest of the apartment, so we spent part of today ‘puppy-proofing’ the bedroom ~ making sure exposed electrical cords are covered or out of the way, and taking up the rugs, so we can let them explore (supervised, of course; they aren’t well-enough housebroken to be unsupervised, and anyway there is an amazing amount of trouble a curious puppy can get into! Today, I caught two of them attacking the roll of toilet paper, which they had somehow managed to get off the roller thingy. It is going to live on the window sill, far out of reach, for the next three weeks! They discovered the shower curtain several days ago and were trying to pull it down, so now it gets tucked carefully inside the bathtub.)

Tomorrow is Week Five Birthday, so those who have put down deposits and live close enough are coming by to choose their puppy in person, in the order in which we received their deposit. (Or try! They are all way too cute to choose, in my opinion!) I will post which ones are chosen as soon as decisions are made. And Jess is coming over tomorrow, so we will try to get her to take more and better photos!


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