More Puppy Pictures!

18 May

We’re more than halfway to the puppies’ six-week birthday – next Tuesday – and all but two of them have been taken and are looking forward to going home to their new families in about two weeks. Here are some more – and better – photos that Jess & Robert took of them last night:


Bruce, the smallest, is a live wire, and hard to photograph. He is still available!


Cher – renamed Stella – is going to go live with the Johnson family in Vermont!


Clapton, a creamy, soft fellow, is also still available, but not for long. He is super-sweet and loves to cuddle!


Elton is tentatively spoken for, by the Schiappa family in New Hampshire!


Here is Elvis – he is going to go live with his new mom & dad, Charles & Leslie, in Philadelphia!


Here is Elvis with his new dad!


Here is Leroy, who might be re-named Beckett, or something else. He is going to live with Rob & Jess, wherever they end up living after they get married in July!


Here is Zurie, formerly Madonna.¬† She is going to live with Sarah in Philadelphia! You will be able to visit Sarah and Zurie at Sarah’s cutting-edge fashion store @ 17th & Sansom:


Here is Mick. He is still available. He is a lively, robust fellow who likes to sleep on his back and is usually first at the food dish! He is going to have a beautiful silver-gray coat, probably not as tight and curly as his mom’s, but a bit wavier, and easier to brush & maintain.

As the puppies are growing, they are eating and, of course, peeing and pooping more, which is why my blogging has been less frequent. Fortunately, they are also sleeping for longer periods of time, and we are working to get them to sleep THROUGH THE NIGHT. That will make life easier for you when you take them home! The good news is that for the last two nights, they have slept from midnight until 5 a.m. (Well, I think Sadie may have nursed them once last night; I was too tired to get up and check….) We are adding more and more dry food to their canned food, and next week will start in earnest to limit and then eliminate their nursing, with the goal of having them completely weaned by six weeks, and eating nothing but dry food by the time they go home with you. We have expanded the ‘nursery’ to include our large bedroom, where they love to play tag with each other and Sadie, running under the bed and back out; and on close supervision, they are allowed into the kitchen & living room, which they find very exciting, but which has dangerous electrical cords about and rugs that are hard to clean. They are doing fairly well with pooping in the designated bathroom area, but still piddle wherever they are when the urge hits them, so we’re not letting them in the hallway or on the stairs. (We had to teach Sadie how to climb up – and down! – stairs when we brought her home at eight weeks; I am curious to see how these guys do and may give it a try the week after next if I can be confident that they won’t pee on the hallway carpet!) They have also discovered the toy basket, and love to play with toys, so my next blog will be a long-promised one about Sadie’s favorite toys and treats.


2 Responses to “More Puppy Pictures!”

  1. Sarah May 18, 2012 at 5:18 pm #

    Soooo cute! Madonna will be named Zurie. She gets cuter every day!

    • sadieslabradoodles May 18, 2012 at 5:38 pm #

      Thanks, Sarah – just updated the blog. Hope it was OK to reference your shop/business/website!

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