And Yet More…!

20 May

There are four puppies who haven’t yet been ‘chosen’ by their new families, so we thought we’d try to get some better photos of the four, to make it easier for folks to choose – although I certainly can’t see how anyone could make a choice – I want them all!


Bruce is our littlest guy – last born, but good at standing his ground, and as full of life as The Boss!


Clapton is the smaller of the two cream males, and is very sweet and loving. He is whiter than Elton, below. He is going to go live with the Gebert family in New Jersey!


Elton is the biggest of all the dogs, silky and soft as a teddy bear. He is going to go live with the Schiappa family in New Hampshire!



Mick’s coat is turning a beautiful silver-tipped gray. He is a very laid-back dog, which isn’t to say he doesn’t have lots of energy at play time! For more about his coat, read below about the different kinds of labradoodle coats.

Many of you have asked if these puppies are going to be as curly as Sadie, who has a typical poodle coat, so I did a little research among the many delightful photos on Tina’s (our breeder) blog. I haven’t had a chance to ask Tina yet, but my guess is that the ones that look fairly straight now (and they are all getting curlier by the day, so it is hard to judge!) are going to have a less tightly-curled coat than Sadie and look more like their father, Snowy. Check the Bad Company’s Labradoodles (see link to the right) for photos of Snowy, now and when he was younger. Also check through the client pages for photos of puppies from Snowy and also from Sadie’s mom, Raindancer, and her Dad, Oregon Trail.


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