Bruce the Wonder Dog

24 May

Another interesting thing we found out Tuesday is that Bruce is a ‘throw-back’ to an F1 Doodle. This means that he has some characteristics of the original dog from which the line was bred, in his case, lab characteristics. His coat and facial features are very lab-like, as opposed to being poodle-like. He doesn’t have the soft, fluffy hair of later generation Labradoodles, but rather a straight fur coat, like a Labrador. Therefore, and since he WILL shed, our breeder thinks we should drop his price to $800. Here is my favorite photo of him, taken last week:


He is the smallest dog in the litter, and a smart, feisty little fellow who loves to play and is VERY affectionate and sweet. He is Bob’s favorite, because he would rather play than eat, just like Bob! Both of them have to be reminded that it’s dinnertime; they get so absorbed in what they are doing. (Bob would love to be an astronaut, so he could just eat space food from a tube and not have to waste time on meals….) He just came over to me and asked to be picked up for a cuddle and to see what I’m doing. The funny thing about his coat is that the white blaze on his chest looks like Labradoodle hair rather than Labrador fur, so that is going to be interesting as he grows! The good thing about his coat, of course, is that he won’t need to be clipped/groomed every 6 to 8 weeks like a Doodle, so he’ll be less expensive to maintain. (That, and the fact that he doesn’t eat much! Although that might change!)

I will write more about their antics later; right now I must go and rescue my beloved Wallace Stegner from being chewed to pieces (the book, not the man) by Mick/Beckett. Yesterday I had to rescue the Michelin travel guide to Italy, a guide to the monumental centre of ancient Rome, and the Plan De Paris from him! He is quite the literary dog, and I think has the travel bug!


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