Six-week Checkup and Puppy Shots!

24 May

Well, we managed the logistical challenge of getting eight puppies and Sadie to the vet Tuesday morning, with lots of help from Jess. We could only get six of them in the crate, they’re so big now; the other two rode over in the puppy carryall they’ve been climbing in and out of in the bathroom. Jess was surprised at how HEAVY the crate was, but after the vet weighed the puppies, she understood why it did, indeed, take two of us to carry it down the stairs: they all weigh over or close to eight pounds now! Coming back, we transported them two by two, in the soft travel carrier, back up the stairs to the apartment.

They all passed their well puppy exams with flying colors, the only issues being that a couple of them have small umbilical hernias, which is very normal, and gets fixed when they get neutered; and three of them need orthodontia. (Just kidding! But they do need to chew on hard rubber toys to force their front teeth to grow outward instead of inward. We bought puppy Kongs for them, which they love!) They all got their first round of vaccinations, and their Wellness Certificates, which I will send home with the new owners. They will need a booster on June 19, so be sure to call your vet to schedule this.

Here is a photo of Cher (now Stella) having her exam:


They were all very brave, and didn’t even whimper when they got their shots! We let them run around the exam room, and Sadie was very proud of them all. Here is a photo of her nursing a couple of them while waiting. We had to hang around for nearly an hour after the shots to make sure nobody had an allergic reaction. When we finally got home, they were very thirsty and drank a lot of water, peed a river, and then slept for the rest of the afternoon. (They are thirsty little creatures, and love playing in their water dishes; some have discovered that it is great fun to splash water onto the floor – or, even more fun, turn the dish over – and then pounce on the towel as I’m trying to wipe it up.)


Today we get a third round of worm medicine, and then that’s it until they are in their new homes, which will happen for three of them at the end of next week! Elvis will be the first, being whisked off the Rhode Island Friday morning, June l, then Madonna/Zurie, Friday afternoon, and Clapton/Cooper will get picked up Saturday at noon. We are ALL going to miss them! Last night at dinner Bob, watching Sadie watching the pups anxiously, said glumly, “She knows they’re leaving.” I don’t see how she could know, but she does keep ‘counting’ them, and comes whining to me if she can’t see them all. Our breeder says she separates the mommy dog from the puppies a week before they’re to go home; unfortunately, we don’t have a way to do that, so we are going to try to let her get to know and trust the new owners, and then she’ll be able to visit some of them in their new homes. (We are going to Vermont in July for Rob & Jess’s wedding, so she’ll get to see two of the pups then, and we hope to visit Zurie in Sarah’s shop when we resume our walks from Queen Village to Rittenhouse Square.)


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