A New Stage of Development!

30 May

Sorry I haven’t written for a few days, but the puppies, right on schedule during their seventh week of life (they achieved the seven-week, or 49-day, mark this past Monday, and are now in their eighth week) became intensely interested in and focused on human beings. You try looking at a computer screen instead of interacting with a puppy who is gazing up at you with wonder and curiosity! They are super-cuddly and affectionate, and very intent on figuring out what I want and pleasing me. This means that they are ready to go home with you! I am working today and tomorrow on getting the puppy packets ready to go, and those of you who are scheduled to pick up your puppy this week will be welcomed with open arms and adoring gazes and licks. (Those of you who aren’t, please call or e-mail me if you’d like to pick up early!) When I’m not talking to them and showing them where they are supposed to pee and poop, and which things in the apartment are OK for chewing and which are not, I am racing around with paper towels (we should own stock in Seventh Generation), trying to beat Sadie to the punch in the pee-and-poop-picking-up contest. We seem to have reached a consensus: if I let them sleep in the bedroom, she will keep that room clean while we are asleep, but if they go into their toilet place in the bathroom (which they are increasingly doing), or if I’m up, she’ll leave it for me to clean up. Little Stella, who watched with fascination the other day as I sharply reprimanded Sadie for trying to eat a fresh poop in the bedroom, and observed me pick it up with a paper towel and flush it down the toilet, now runs over to the gate between the bedroom and the kitchen the MINUTE anyone goes, and yips at me to tell me to come and pick it up quickly. They all watch with fascination when I pick up poops and flush them down the toilet, and now MOST of them go as close to the toilet as possible! Letting them spend the night in the bedroom with us and Sadie is our concession to the need for our neighbors to sleep, and it seems to be helping get them attuned to our sleep rhythms as well: last night, we all went to sleep at midnight, and slept until 5 AM. They all, of course, still spend a lot of time playing and tussling with each other, but that is mostly confined to the morning and afternoon hours. Especially fun to see is the biggest, fluffiest guy, Elton, going at it with little Bruce, who is half his size – or I should say half his visual volume, since in terms of weight, there is only a pound and a half difference. Here is a photo of the two of them together at the food dish. It is hard to believe they are brothers, from the same litter, with the same mother and father – they are SO different, not just in looks, but in temperament. Bruce is wiry and intense, and much more active – he will need rather a lot of exercise; Elton seems to enjoy just ‘laying back’ more of the time. As you can see, he even eats lying down. Look at Bruce’s tail!


Here are some more photos from this past weekend:


(Elton sleeping in his favorite position)


(Bruce & Clapton with Sadie)


(Elton standing next to Sadie – you can see how big he is getting!)


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