Three Guys Go Home, and a Website to Share

3 Jun

Well, we’re three down now, and I must confess that I shed a tear or two this weekend at the thought that soon all our puppies will be gone. I treated Sadie to a short trip to the dog park today, and she tore around in her old energetic fashion, causing one person to ask if she’s a puppy herself, despite her still-pendulous teats. She didn’t want to stay long, asking to go home after only a few minutes to check on the puppies. She hasn’t seemed overly anxious or upset about any of the departures so far. Of course, she had several chances to meet Elvis’s parents, Charles & Leslie, and Zurie’s mom, Sarah, and approved of them all. And Cooper’s new mom and boy spent some time on the nursery floor playing with the puppies Saturday before they took Cooper home; she watched closely, and obviously decided that they were good, kind people, as she didn’t try to prevent Cooper from leaving, or show any signs of distress when they left. Here is a photo of Elvis with his new mom & dad, a photo of Zurie in her new home, and a photo of Cooper with his new mom, Kirsten, and boy, Bobby. Zurie looks happy, and Sarah says she’s doing great, exploring her new home. Elvis, we’re told, is already learning to climb stairs and experienced his first encounter with rain Friday night! We hope to have more photos and adventures of Elvis & Zurie & Cooper to share very soon!


Elvis (who is keeping his name!), ready to go home with Charles & Leslie!


Zurie (formerly Madonna) in her new home, with her puppy toy to keep her company!


Cooper (formerly Clapton) getting ready to go home with Kirsten and Bobby!

Here are some more recent photos of the other puppies:


Elton doing his bear rug impersonation!


Beckett (formerly Mick) sleeping with his ear in the water dish!


Really cute photo of Cooper (formerly Clapton) sleeping near the toy bin, after wearing himself out playing with toys!

This is a website I came across with some useful information and pointers, including some clarification about the differences in coats and size and color. I particularly like the following quotes about the personality and temperament of labradoodles: “She’s not an ideal guard dog; although she will alert bark, she’s more likely to invite an intruder in for tea on the good china.” And this: “she’s a companion dog through and through, and she should live inside the house, not out in the yard. She’s happiest living in the comforts of home, sleeping soundly on your feet or in a bed next to yours.” Both quotes are so true! Your labradoodle is not ‘just’ a dog, (s)he is another member of the family!

Enjoy, and watch for more photos, coming this week as Stella (formerly Cher), Elton, and Leroy prepare to go to their new homes. Bruce will be staying here with us until we voyage to Vermont in early July for Robert & Jess’s wedding, when we will introduce him to one of the wedding guests who is hoping to take him home to live with her in Colorado! By then, however, we may have become too attached to him to let him go! He really is a little dear, licking away my tears after Zurie left.


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