Three More Puppies Leaving Tomorrow!

8 Jun

Well, we’re getting three of the last four remaining puppies prepared for their journey to the North Country! They will leave bright and early tomorrow morning, and Elton (now D.J., for Duke, Jr.) will get dropped off first, to go live with the Schiappa family in New Hampshire. I think he is ready to find out about grass, trees, and all the other wonders of nature outside the four walls of this apartment. I hope the Schiappas have plenty of room, because he is growing into a big, fluffy polar bear of a dog! Stella (formerly Cher) is going to live with Jess’s mom, Susan, in her lovely house in the village of Peacham, Vermont, and Beckett will stay there, too, with Jess, until after the wedding. That will leave just us – Sadie, me and Bob – and Bruce, who is still available! Bruce and I have become very fond of each other, and he doesn’t seem to bother my allergies, so if he ends up being ‘my’ dog, I won’t mind! But if you want him to be YOUR dog, give me a call! Here is a photo of him imitating a book:


Perhaps he is hoping that if I think he is a book, I will keep him!


We have been getting lots of good reports and PHOTOS from the puppies who went home last weekend. Here are a few to share:


Here is Cooper getting ready to go home with Kirsten and Bobby


Here he is chewing on a bone he just managed to get away from his indulgent big brother, CocoBear!


And here he is with CocoBear, who is now his BFF!


And he’s made friends with Tigger, the cat, too! Kirsten reports that they both like to help her with gardening!


Zurie is doing splendidly with her new mom, Sarah, who took her to work to introduce her to her staff (Sarah’s, not Zurie’s, although knowing Zurie, she will probably start bossing them around soon!) Here is a report from Sarah: ” She is certainly bonding to me… – and oh my gosh is she the sweetest.   AND – she totally sleeps through the night – from 10 p.m.- 5!  I woke up to see if she was awake to let her pee and she was passed out both times.  It rocks!”


First Day at the Office – Watch out, Anna Wintour!


Sarah’s Little Sweetheart on Her First Night Home


Leroy has a new name, a new family, and a new best friend! He now lives with the Skinner family in Mt. Airy, right across the street from Carpenter’s Woods. He has been renamed Rocky, because he is the new sidekick of big brother, Bullwinkle – Bull, for short! Here are some photos of him in his new home. MMMM – grass! and sticks!


It didn’t take him long to adjust to that green stuff!


Did I die and go to heaven?!

Here is what Rocky’s new mom, Cindy, had to say this week after he had a day or two to settle in:

“Bull isn’t the best big brother in the world but Rocky is very respectful and even gets Bull to play with him outside sometimes. We are making sure they both get a lot of love. Rocky is wonderful all on his own. He has taken to crate training and house training like a champ. I think he feels like a king when he pees outside. His accidents are few and far between. He even slept through the night last night.

He loves eating or at least sampling the great outdoors:  sticks, grass, leaves. It’s all part of his great exploration. He also listens very well to correction when he pushes the limits.

Overall it is very obvious that his happy demeanor and self confidence have come from a wonderful and nurturing environment in Queen Village.”

Thank you, Cindy! And we’re sure he’ll soon win Bullwinkle over and they’ll become best friends!


We are looking forward to sharing more exciting stories and photos of D.J., Beckett, and Stella as they embark on their new lives tomorrow. It won’t be an easy trip – three lively puppies in a MINI for seven or eight hours, but they’re all troupers, as are Robert & Jess, who will BOTH be going along for the ride, and they’ve promised to take pictures of their adventure!


2 Responses to “Three More Puppies Leaving Tomorrow!”

  1. sarah June 8, 2012 at 7:30 pm #

    Just another update about Zurie – she now weighs 11lbs!!!! She gained 3 since her first visit with the vet two weeks ago! And boy is she a show stopper – people stop in awe of her. She was shy – for a day – and the next morning woke up to be best friends with everyone in our entire office building – it takes us a while to get places! This week we have accomplished up and down stairs, sit and come – I would like to say it is because I am such a good trainer but the truth is that I am not very consistent and she is just good. Oh – and I have met more neighbors this weekend than I knew the entire 5 years I have lived in my condo. Plus she is just about potty trained!

    • sadieslabradoodles June 8, 2012 at 8:29 pm #

      Oh, Sarah – that is wonderful! All I can say is, she takes after her moms – both of them: Sadie and you! So glad to hear that you and she are both happy and thriving!

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