Liberation of the Puppers!

9 Jun

I was awakened this morning by a great crash and clattering, not from the dumpster trucks that ply our street, but from INSIDE the bedroom. I groped for my glasses and saw that the four remaining puppies, to their mother’s consternation, were staging their own version of the destruction of the Berlin Wall. They had battered down the puppy gate keeping them in the bathroom, which is held in place by strong tension bolts, and when they had it down, they proceeded to remove the tension bolts and were running madly around the bedroom with them, drunk with their own power. A few minutes later, they were ready and waiting at the front door with their coats on and their knapsacks packed when their liberators, Robert & Jess, arrived to whisk them off to their new world. Here is a photo of Beckett on the road:


Beckett at the controls of the MINI

As I write, D.J. (Dude, Jr., formerly Elton) has been delivered into the loving arms of his new mom, Maddie, to continue his journey to the wonderful state of New Hampshire, where he will Live Free!

Stella and Beckett will continue on to Peacham, Vermont with Robert & Jess, where they will stay – Stella forever, and Beckett until he returns to Philadelphia with his newlywed parents in July.

Sadie & Bruce have spent the day lying around the apartment looking like depressed denizens of a formerly-great regime who got left behind in the revolution. I’m not sure if they just miss the other puppies, or if they wish they, too, were on the road. I know I do. Both!


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