More Puppy Photos and Updates on Progress

12 Jun

It looks as though Bruce will be staying with us and being ‘our dog’ so we bought him a little Weiss Walker and collar today, and have been taking him on outings – not walking on the sidewalks yet, just in the car – to show him the wider world. Today he ‘baptized’ my Beetle by throwing up, but otherwise seemed to enjoy being out and about. Yesterday, Bob taught him to climb the front stairs, and today he (almost!) bounded up them when we got home! Sadie cried the whole time he was gone, and made a great to-do over him when he got back. He sleeps under our bed now, with her, but has been getting up in the middle of the night and whining to be picked up, then snuggles between us and goes right back to sleep. Bob thinks he misses cuddling up with his brothers and sisters! Sadie keeps her distance from him while sleeping, because she’s trying to wean him. She’s also been giving him lessons in proper play etiquette, trying to get him not to use his razor-sharp little teeth when they are play-wrestling! I’ll take some photos of him in his new walking attire, and playing with mom as soon as the sun comes out!

Elvis, Zurie, Cooper, D.J., Stella, Beckett, and Rocky are all doing splendidly in their new homes, and we have lots of really cute photos to share! Cooper went swimming over the weekend and has learned to climb stairs, and all have made friends with the various dogs and cats with whom they share their new homes! Here are some of the cutest photos that their new moms and dads have shared with us. Thanks to all who have taken the time to send photos and updates!


D.J. With Maddie in New Hampshire, obviously happy to be “home”! Rob & Jess said he slept through most of the trip, and didn’t even throw up!


Here’s Elvis in Rhode Island, acting like one of the big guys he hangs with now!


Here’s Zurie, after a long, hard day at the office!


Even my tail is tired!


Stella with her new mom, Susan!


Elvis with his new mom, Leslie!


Stella and brother Beckett in Vermont


Zurie, living up to her name, which is French and means “white and lovely.”

Thanks again to everyone for sharing, and keep sending photos and updates!  We are excited to see how they all grow and change, and are especially happy that we will be able to see little Bruce (who is keeping his name, which he knows and responds to and which suits him to a “T”  – he’s wiry and high-energy and really cute!) develop – he looks like he is going to grow up to look like a lab only quite a bit smaller –  a miniature lab, if you will!


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