Summer and Outdoor Dogs

14 Jun

While we haven’t been taking Bruce out for walks yet, or to the park or woods, I know that many of our puppies’ new families have yards in which the puppies are playing and hanging out, and it just occurred to me that you need to watch out for and check DAILY for ticks! We have had terrible experiences with Lyme Disease (our youngest son had it at one point, and so did our Border Collie), and it is very dangerous, with long-term health consequences. We use Frontline religiously on our dogs, and I just checked to see how early it could be used on puppies. All the puppies are old enough for it, and if they are going to be out of doors should be treated! Here is a helpful link for you:

This is even more important if you are old softies like us and let your dog cuddle in or on your bed!


Here is where Bruce was when I woke up this morning!

And Beckett appears to have the run of the place in Vermont:


Beckett and his wagon – watch out, Beckett, a tick is about to jump on you and take a ride!


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