Finally, an Update on (Some of) the Puppies!

14 Jul

So, it’s been a month since our last blog, and everyone is alive and well, growing and learning. Sadie and Bruce survived being schlepped to Vermont and back in the backseat of the VW with me between them (Robert’s honorary godmother got the front seat.) Bruce threw up once, then fell asleep, exhausted, until it was time to check into the pet-friendly room at our hotel in St. Johnsbury. (He did manage to eat a couple of French fries at Micky D’s for lunch.) It was a treat for them to be able to run loose on the hotel’s enclosed grassy knoll, and we discovered that Sadie is still a REALLY FAST runner and that Bruce seems to have a bit of weakness in one of his rear legs. Bob thinks he will outgrow it; I hope so! He definitely has a different kind of run than Sadie; not as much like a bouncy rubber ball, but more, um, loping…. Sadie is a veteran traveler, but Bruce was a little insecure in the hotel room, and insisted on sleeping on the bed between Bob and me. Fortunately, it was a king-sized bed, as he not only wanted to be on the bed, but on the pillow rather than at our feet, where he sleeps sometimes at home when he’s feeling lonesome. The next day, we went to Jess’s parents’ house, where Sadie got to see her first-born son and daughter, Beckett and Stella for the first time since her separation from them. She followed them around sniffing at them, but I have to say that she didn’t seem as overjoyed to see them as I thought she would. I wish I could have such an easy time ‘letting go’ of my children! Bruce, too, didn’t seem exactly ecstatic with joy at being reunited with the brother & sister who used to pick on him and push him away from his mother’s teat. We were afraid Sadie would be crazy-overprotective with her ‘last’ puppy, thinking that we were going to take him away from her, too, but to be honest, I thought she was a little disappointed that we brought him back. What can I say? She was very spoiled before the puppies came along – and while she had them – and is now having to share our attention with Bruce, who doesn’t even smell or act like a child of hers (he has a distinctive ‘lab’ smell, which I like but which unfortunately makes me sneeze a lot, and a rather serious demeanor. That’s not to say that he doesn’t like to play, or isn’t a tease, stealing dish towels and shoes, but he just seems to take life a little more seriously than Sadie.)

Anyway, we were so focused on the wedding that we neglected to take any photos of the mother-and-puppy reunion, but here is a photo of Bruce & Sadie running around at the hotel:


As you can see, he is a handsome little fellow, and is going to be a handsome big fellow in another few months. Here is another shot of him – he is still available for sale, as Bob and I are both allergic to him:


Here you see his serious side, but he DOES laugh and smile!

We’ve also had updates and photos from some of the other puppies. Zurie recently went to the Shore with her mom, Sarah, where she got thoroughly sandy and wasn’t at all sure about that huge body of water with waves! Sadie was exactly the same way the first time we took her to the beach, and still prefers streams and (small!) ponds to oceans and lakes with water that moves. I don’t know how she is going to react to being on our new sailboat! Here is Zurie doing what labradoodles do best, relaxing on the porch of Sarah’s beach house:


And here she is with Sarah, so you can see how big she’s gotten! Sarah reports that she is the ‘perfect’ dog, sweet but fun-loving, completely housebroken, and the star of the neighborhood.


The week before last, we received the following e-mail message and photo from Cooper, who is living the good life with the Geberts in New Jersey: a yard, a good pal, and loving humans; what more could a dog want?!

“Yesterday I went and got a harness at the pet store. I really didn’t want to go anywhere without my big brother, CocoBear, but got carried into car.. Everyone at the store thought I was really cute.   there were lots of good treats in that store…yummy.  I think I will want to go back there…  Everyone also thought I was very well behaved..but my human said it was cause “a tired puppy is a good puppy”….  I hear that alot and get lots of walks.

So..I don’t want to go anywhere without CocoBear..and definitely prefer the air conditioning to the stifling heat outside.  I have to be coaxed out to go potty when the temperature is in the 90s. CocoBear is really good to me..he plays with me…and lets me know when I’m being too wild or bite too hard. He has also explained to me how to be with Tigger..trying to set a good example. I just get so happy when I see Tigger, I can’t help but try to pounce on her.  Naturally I’ve gotten a few swats…ouch ouch.

I’m learning alot of stuff every day..for example…when CocoBear lifts his leg..I shouldn’t go underneath him….I’ve gotten peed on TWICE.  My humans couldn’t stop laughing…and then had to get me cleaned up.

Next week I get to see my vet (she comes to the house)…and after I’ve had all my shots..I can have a party in the backyard..with Frosty Paws for all my dog friends. I look forward to it since I play with them on my walks..but will enjoy playing in the fenced in back yard.  I really like Brownie..she’s a labradoodle.  Cosmo and Yogi are also labradoodles..but are much bigger and scare me just a bit…  I’m sure we will get some good pictures to take and send you.

Well..I have to go to sleep now…I prefer the tile floor in the bathroom…probably reminds me of my early days. Oops..just changed my mind…need a little wrestling match with CocoBear before I retire for the night.”

Sadie – and especially Bruce – are the same way about going outside in the heat! I have been taking them for very SHORT walks: Sadie can walk a few blocks, but Bruce is tuckered out just going around the block! Zurie’s mom says she doesn’t like the heat, but does better when Sarah takes a cup of ice cubes for her to chew on. I am going to try that now that we’re back in this steam oven known as Philadelphia!

I had to chuckle at Cooper saying he likes to lie on the tile floor; Beckett and Stella, up in Vermont, both gravitate toward the cold stone of the woodstove mantle (won’t THEY be pleasantly surprised next winter?!) and Sadie & Bruce still lie on the cool tile floor of our bathroom. Here is a photo of Cooper:


He looks like a big, fluffy goofball – reminds me of his Dad!

Cindy, in Mt. Airy, reports that Rocky is getting along better with his new big brother, Bullwinkle (aka Bull) and that Rocky likes to hold Bull’s leash in his mouth when they take walks. (Bruce likes to do the same thing with Sadie!) His eyes are still blue, but more toward greenish now than bright blue, and as of last week, he weighed 24 pounds! She reports that while “Bull is more like a picky poodle when he eats, Rocky gobbles his food like a lab.” I had to laugh at this, too, because Bruce is also more of a gobbler than the picky Sadie! Here is a photo of Rocky playing with Bullwinkle:



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