Another Update on Pups; Wherein: Bruce Gets a New Home, Cooper has a Party, and Zurie Gets a Haircut!

8 Aug

It has been a busy month for Sadie’s puppies! The big news is that Brucie left for good at the end of July, to go live with the Vahlsing/Dugdale family in Wyncote, PA. At last report, he was enjoying his lovely yard on Woodland Road, following his new mom, Toni, around like a shadow, and getting to know his two children, Dexter & Jubilee, who are 10 and 12. Bob and I miss him more than we thought we would ~ he had really wormed his way into our hearts ~ but we know he is better off with a yard, and children to play with. Sadie is subdued, and seems to me to be searching for him whenever we go out. I am sorry that I did not let her go and meet his new family and see where he was going to live. I am looking forward to sharing photos of Bruce with his new family, as well as updates on his progress and growth. We are all especially curious about how he will look as an adult; how big he will get, and whether his coat will change. I understand he may also be getting a new name!

We also got a wonderful update from Cooper, and photos of him at his party with his buddy, Cosmo:

Cooper on his deck with his buddy Cosmo

We’re told that he weighs 24 pounds already, and shortly after this photo, he got a very short haircut, so that he looks like a mini version of Cosmo… we are looking forward to seeing a post-haircut photo of him!

Haircuts seem to be the order of the day for the other pups as well, but all does not always go well in that realm! Yesterday, we got an e-mail from Zurie’s mom, Sarah, with the words “Dog grooming disaster” in the title. This struck fear into my heart, as I immediately thought about dogs being accidentally nicked by scissors and bleeding to death, or ~ as we’ve read sometimes happens at less-reputable grooming establishments ~ cooked to death in drying machines. I was much relieved to read that Zurie had just been given a rather too-short haircut by an inexperienced groomer at a salon we shall not publicly name, but suffice it to say that it is a local chain. I persuaded Sarah to share a photo with me, but because Zurie is something of a fashion hound, and thus very protective of her image, I had to promise not to post it. It made me smile, because it happened to Sadie once and I, too, was very dismayed, and embarrassed to take her out in public for a while. My oldest son laughed every time he saw her and called her “Grover-dog,” which she didn’t like at all!

Here are some photos of Zurie pre-shaving – er, haircut. She has been enjoying romps in the Wissahickon Park with her mom, where she gets thoroughly muddy, full of burrs, and also nice and tired! Here is what Sarah says about her adventures: “I have been taking her out to the Wissahickon – which she loves.  She doesn’t care very much that she is a white dog and a feather duster – she lays in the mud and runs through the thicket.  I spent about 40 minutes combing green spurs out of her fur yesterday but she was a happy little camper.   We are also lucky she gets to frequent both my parents and my friend Ruben’s giant fenced in back yards  – she does a flying leap off this short but steep hill where she catches air, her ears look like wings, her mouth open and there is wild happiness in her eyes – I am trying to get a picture of this.” Keep trying, Sarah; we are dying to see it!

A Tired and Dirty Dog!

Zurie After Hike in Wissahickon – Dirty, Tired, and Happy!

Look How Big She's Getting!

Look How Big She’s Getting!

Beckett, who just helped his mom and dad move out of their sunny but cramped studio apartment in South Philly, is now enjoying the cool summer weather in Vermont until it is time to move into his new house (with his OWN YARD!) on Wynnewood Road in Ardmore. His dad, Robert, who is stuck in Philly working (SOMEONE has to make the mortgage payments and buy dog food!) and camping out on his parents’ couch, misses him a lot and is really looking forward to having his family together and settled into their new home next week. Sadie, who was delighted to have two of her puppies here to play with most days, seems sad and lonely now, and greets Robert eagerly when he comes in, but shows her disappointment when she sees that Beckett is not with him. As soon as the weather cools off, she and I can start going to the dog park again, and we are wondering how she will take to our new boat, which we hope to have in the water this week and sailing by the end of next week. I will be sure to post photos of Sadie on the boat! I guess I should get a doggie life jacket for her! In the meanwhile, here are some recent photos of Beckett, who is a real raggedy-Andy!


Beckett Helping With Packing

That is a packing sticker on his head!

Moving Is Exhausting!

Moving Is Very Tiring!

He is all tuckered out from the move – as were his parents!


Please – all keep your photos and updates coming. We would love to hear from Elvis, D.J., and Stella, too!


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