Monthly (approximately!) update on Sadie’s puppers

19 Sep

It’s been a little over a month since we did an update on Sadie’s pups. We were waiting for photos of Bruce – now Oliver! – which finally arrived, and have been busy trying to get our boat ready to move to the other side of the Chesapeake – from Havre de Grace to Georgetown, MD. Looks like it is going to have to wait for a nice, windy day so it can be sailed, as the engine is still defying a satisfactory repair! Anyway, Sadie has been getting her ‘sea legs’ – see the photo below of her with Bob on the boat:


AARGH – It’s Moving!

Sadie is not the only one who has been having boating adventures this summer; here is a photo of Elvis loving the boating life with Leslie, with much more savoir-faire than his (canine) mom!:


This is The Life!

And he also learned to swim (or discovered that he can swim, if we assume that dogs are born knowing how….which I’m not willing to assume; Sadie will NEVER go out on the water without a lifejacket!):

Elvis Swimming

Elvis Swimming in Pool

Bruce, who is now Oliver, has settled into his new home, and is devoted to his mom Toni, as you can see:

Some of his adventures have included stealing and eating a WHOLE pizza and, more seriously, a mouse-poison pellet from his family’s basement, requiring an emergency trip to the vet to induce vomiting, which is a good opportunity to give you puppy parents a shout-out about all the harmful things your puppies can and will find to put into their mouths. My scariest memory of Derfel (our border collie) is when he found and ate a dead bat. We were convinced the only reason a bat would be lying dead in our yard was if it had rabies, but none of the vets we consulted could tell us if a dog could get rabies from eating a dead, rabid bat. And what could they do: perform emergency surgery to remove the bat from his stomach and test it for rabies? It was finally decided that the acid in his digestive system would *probably* kill the rabies virus if it was indeed present. More horrifying but less serious was when my son Robert was just a pup, crawling around the floor of our 1740’s house in Seaville, NJ, and found a caterpillar crawling across the floor. YUM! I was only able to get the last half of poor Mr. Caterpillar out of his mouth. Fortunately he, too, survived (Robert that is; not the caterpillar)!

Anyway, as you can see, Bruce/Oliver is still a sweet cuddle-bum, although getting a little big for mom Toni’s lap!

Another thing a number of the lucky pups have had during the dog days of August is nice, short haircuts! Here are photos of Zurie, Beckett, and Cher in their new short “dos”:

Zuries New Look!

Beckett’s First Haircut!

All the dogs are ‘growing like weeds’ – Elvis was already 35 pounds in the middle of August, and Beckett is now officially bigger than his mom; his vet says based on his current weight of 40+ pounds (Sadie weighs 38), his full-grown weight will be about 70 pounds! Rocky (pictured below) was also 42 pounds as of the first week in September!

Rocky Taking It Easy!

All are also big cuddle-bums like their mom, and as sweet, loveable, and happy as she is, too, from all reports.

Don’t forget to clean their ears regularly – they are prone to ear infections, and Beckett, in fact, just got over a rather severe one. You want to avoid having to put them on antibiotics if at all possible; it wreaks havoc with their bowels!

Please keep sending us photos and updates, and we will try to not wait so long between posts, now that the days are getting shorter and the nights longer!


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