Very Tardy Update on Sadie’s Puppies (Not Really Puppies Anymore!)

20 Nov

Well, Sadie and I find ourselves with unexpected time on our hands this week, because for the first time in many, many years, we are NOT cooking Thanksgiving dinner! Jess & Robert have invited us to join them and other members of Jess’s family at their house in Ardmore. I am taking an extra (heritage) turkey, which I’m to pick up from Canter Hill Farm tonight, but the only other thing we need to bring besides wine and ourselves is Bob’s must-have Thanksgiving side of creamed-peas-and-onions!

We are just coming down off our political ‘high’ – Sadie was very involved in keeping Mean Mitt out of the White House (she is an official member of Dogs Against Romney, go here: or here: to see more), and also has a bit of a crush on Bo – and we are very happy and relieved at the outcome of the election!

Sadie also had her first actual sail this past weekend, when we took the boat across the Sassafras River to its winter dockage. We let her sit on the deck – in the cockpit, not up front – and she enjoyed the wind in her fur. At the new dock, she helped me feed the ducks by throwing a piece of dog food to them with her mouth! She likes the stationary docks much better than the floating kind, and is no longer afraid of falling in the water, but jumps on and off the boat with confidence now. She came in handy as a bed warmer, too!

Several of the puppies – one can hardly call them puppies anymore; they ALL outweigh their mother!  – have just been spruced up for the holiday, and their owners have sent us wonderful photos. Here is a photo of Cooper dressed up for Halloween – as Bat-Coop!

Coopy, as he is usually called (except when he’s doing something naughty, like eating a whole box of Kleenex!) had an exciting time during Hurricane Sandy, and went eight days without electricity, when a large tree fell down in his yard. The crash was loud and scary, but thank goodness it didn’t land on anybody, or the house or any cars either! Coopy came in handy as a bed-warmer, too, as did his buddy Coco-Bear.  Here is a quote from him about his Sandy experience:

“We had a biggggggggg storm..and a tree crashed down in our yard and made a very loud noise. Wow…quite impressive. Luckily it didn’t hit anything. But then…the humans decided to play a game of “no lights” and “no heat”….so….they built alot of fires..and used flashlights and lanterns. At night…I was not allowed to sleep in my favorite spots on the ground..I was “ordered” to sleep with the humans and keep them warm.  Silly humans.  Even in the evening we would all cuddle on the couch…and I even cuddled with Tigger one evening (cause I was reallly tired and didn’t realize that the cat was lying next to me). So…after about 9 days they got a loud machine in the driveway and then the house got warm and they got some lights…and then after 3days of the loud machine…they decided to use the lights again.Weird.  Wonder if this is some kind of tradition????”

Here are more photos of Coopy, with his favorite human, Bobby, and his favorite dog-buddy, Coco-Bear:

Cooper and Bobby

Cooper and Bobby

Cooper and Coco-Bear

Cooper and Coco-Bear

Here are photos of Cooper and Beckett in their new holiday haircuts:

Beckett's New Haircut for Thanksgiving

Beckett’s New Holiday Haircut

Cooper Ready for  Holidays!

Sadie hopes all the doggies are going to have a fun Thanksgiving and not eat too much turkey and NO pumpkin pie – it will give them the runs and spoil everyone’s post-Thanksgiving fun! She is super-excited because she gets to see her daughter Cher (now Stella) and Stella’s two buddies, Marlowe (a Chihuahua) and Coco (a Maltese.)  That will be a houseful of dogs – Beckett alone is a houseful of dog – he weighs over fifty pounds now, and his HEAD is as big as HE was at birth! Bob tells everyone he is a Baskerville hound, because he is gray and kind of scary-goofy-looking! Here is a photo of him pre-haircut:

Beckett Pre-haircut

Beckett the Baskerville Hound

We will take lots of photos of all the dogs together on Thanksgiving, and we hope you will take photos of your dogs enjoying their holiday, too.

We also want to give a special shout-out to Zurie’s mom, Sarah, who was just named by Philadelphia Magazine as one of Philadelphia’s ‘smartest people’ – check it out:

We knew she was smart, ’cause she loves dogs, and her darling Zurie best of all! Sarah and Zurie also just moved to a new house in Chestnut Hill, where Zurie has her own yard! Here is a photo of Zurie in her new home. We still don’t have a photo of her at work with Sarah, in her shop on Sansom St.; we are going to have to go and see them ourselves one of these days!

Zurie In Her New Home

Zurie In Her New Home

One more thing: I wrote to you all about Cooper’s head tremors, and the concern that he might have epilepsy or some other neurological disorder; I am happy to report that he hasn’t suffered a repeat, and Tina (our breeder) says that while Labrador Retrievers can be prone to epilepsy, none of her Labradoodles have had it in all the time she’s been breeding, which is a good while, now.


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