Very, Very, Very, Sad News

6 Apr

I am heartbroken to have to report that Sadie died one month ago, on Friday, March 4, of heart failure. I had an autopsy done, and the pathology people at Penn (University of Pennsylvania School of Veterinary Medicine) confirmed that her heart and lungs showed signs of congestive heart disease. I cry every day when I come home to my empty apartment, and every night when it is time to give her a bedtime treat. And in the morning when she’s not there on my bed, keeping my feet warm. She had just turned six years old, and seemed healthy, except that I had noticed in the past year that she would get very out of breath after running for a short time.

Your dogs are all young, but be attentive to their state of health, and urge your vet to check them if you notice anything amiss. Sadie had just had her 1-year checkup, and I had mentioned to the vet her tendency to get out of breath, but because she was relatively young, they said not to worry, she probably just wasn’t getting enough exercise.

I don’t know if I have the heart to get another dog – I am alone now, as Bob died a year ago October – but if you know of any hypoallergenic dogs needing homes, let me know. They must be absolutely trustworthy around small children, as I spend a lot of time with my two grandsons, who are 4 months and two years old.


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