About our Puppies

Sadie’s puppies, like Sadie herself, are home-bred and home-raised. They will be born and live their lives with us in our home, with kindness and joy, until they go home with you.  Like their mom, they are super-affectionate, and because they are so eager to please, they are easy to train. No harsh words or corporal punishment: they learn and will always learn best by positive praise and reinforcement.

Don’t expect them to behave perfectly – puppies LOVE and NEED to chew, and if you don’t watch them, or confine them when you cannot watch them, they WILL chew your furniture and whatever clothing or shoes (or socks: Sadie’s favorite, along with pens, because I’m always writing) you leave within reach.

We will begin the weaning process at the age of four weeks by supplementing mother’s milk with a mixture of milk powder and ground-up puppy food. By six weeks, they will be completely weaned and ready for their first puppy shots. At seven weeks, they will have a health check and be ready to go home with you any time after their  8-week birthday – June 5.  We will include a complete vet record for you, including instructions of what you need to do to keep your puppy healthy.

A little about labradoodles:

The labradoodle was first bred in Australia in the 1980s by the Tegan Park and Rutland Manor kennels for use as service dogs for individuals with a sensitivity or allergy to the dander and saliva of dogs.

Labradoodles have the loyal, tender heart of a Lab, the quick brain of a Poodle (rated by Animal Planet as the easiest breed to housebreak) and a low- to no-shed curly, thick, wooly coat.  We know that many people feel that the ‘right’ thing to do is adopt a homeless dog from a shelter, and we know many people who have done this and are happy with their pets, but if you want a guaranteed really smart, gentle and predictable dog, (especially important if you have or are planning children), who doesn’t make too much extra housework, will be loyal and will love being with you and pleasing you, has been carefully screened for genetic health issues and comes to you well socialized…it will be expensive.  Check out different breeds, read the client pages on Bad Company’s website, do your homework, and get your money’s worth.

Sadie’s father, Oregon Trail, can trace his bloodline to the original hybrid cultivated for service work in Australia. These dogs are very easily trained and they are highly motivated to please their owner.  They are extraordinarily good-tempered and easy-going, but you must be willing to invest the time to keep them occupied and challenged. We worried that city life would not be a ‘good life’ for Sadie, but we have found that a brisk daily walk and an hour at the local dog park playing with other dogs keeps her quite happy and fit. The rest of the time, she is happy to cuddle with me when I read on the sofa or lie under my feet while I write. She loves, loves, loves to ride in my convertible; even a short trip to the grocery store makes her happy, and a drive in the country on a spring day with the top down is her idea of heaven (mine, too!) She seems happy to just be with me, or Bob or one of our boys as we go about our daily tasks. She is extremely well-behaved and charming in shops that allow dogs.

Below is a link to our New Puppy Owner’s Guide:



One Response to “About our Puppies”

  1. Louise T Conner April 17, 2012 at 9:17 pm #

    Your valuable time taken to write such a detailed page describing the labradoodle breed, the photos that are taken and placed stategically in the order of birht and their weights was a true pleasure to read and view. Someday, when my disability and finances allow, I too will be a proud mom of an Australian Labradoodle. All I have read, pics viewed, I am just dreaming for now about my new best friend, member of my home, and giving all this extra love in my heart to care for one is for now just a dream someday soon to become a reality. Thanks for sharing your history, pics and valuable time. I know I appreciate it.

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